Ruth Stubenitzky, translator and interpreter

Find a common language!

Your interests are the same, but you speak different languages?

  • You are on holiday in Germany and want to take part in an event,
  • You are in Germany representing your organization and need to conduct talks and negotiations,
  • you have come to live in Germany and need to talk to authorities or to a counsellor,
  • you want to propagate your website, product description or commercials in German or Russian,
  • you want to publish a book or an article in German or Russian,
  • you work with German-speaking or Russian-speaking partners and want to really understand each other in your correspondence,
  • ...

Good professional translating and interpreting will help you concentrate on the subjects of your conversation and forget about the language barrier.

Unfortunately, I know no more than a few words of Ukrainian. But many Ukrainians speak Russian. I can offer special conditions for your work with people who have fled from Ukraine.

Ruth Stubenitzky

Ruth Stubenitzky greets you with a smile

Translator into German and Russian
Interpreter for English, German and Russian

I was born in Goettingen, Germany. In 2001, I became a certified interpreter and translator for Russian and German in Saarbruecken, Germany. In 2006, I finished my studies at IFL in St. Petersburg, Russia, and got a diploma Linguist - Translator/Interpreter. This diploma includes English (which I had studied intensively at school) as a second language. From then on I have had many years of translating and interpreting experience in Russia. Now I am working as a freelance translator and interpreter in Goettingen.

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