Terms and conditions

I accept and carry out assignments under the following conditions:

  1. An assignment is understood as accepted after my written confirmation (e. g. by e-mail).
  2. My invoices are due upon receipt without deduction. Attention: According to the law, no later than 30 days after receipt the customer comes into default. In that case I calculate interest as foreseen by law, with the right reserved to claim additional damage if proven. In the case of extensive subdivided jobs it is possible to arrange partial payment after the completion of each subdivision.
  3. Should my services fail to meet the conditions agreed on in the contract, the customer has, at first, only the right to claim subsequent fulfillment. If the latter fails, the customer has the right to further claims according to the law. Translations are performed dependent on the original text, so as to correspond to its content, meaning and wording as closely as possible. Individual technical terminology introduced by the customer is taken into account only upon such agreement and if the customer provides corresponding documents, such as word lists or previous translations. I do not accept liability for errors in translations caused by the customer due to wrong or incomplete information or faulty original texts. The same holds for illegible words and numbers. I do not accept liability for the loss of documents entrusted to me if such loss is due to theft, fire, water, storm or extinction during carriage. Claims against me lapse within a year after the the start of the limitation period foreseen by law.
  4. My work is deemed accepted no later than two weeks after reception by the customer or two weeks after mailing. All customers' claims can be looked into and, if justified, be complied with, only if made during said period of time.
  5. I can renounce from an extensive assignment within seven days after accepting it if I am unable to fulfill it in adequate quality during the time span defined by the customer and if I had no means of knowing that earlier. I always can renounce form an assignment already initiated if I cannot fulfill it due to illness, accident or an act of God. In both cases I have no claim to any payment.
  6. The customer is responsible for errors that occur due to illegible or wrongly formatted originals.
  7. Should the customer fail to carry out their duties to cooperate or to provide clarification, I have the right to renounce from the contract after an adequate grace period. In that case I have a claim to payment and to the compensation of (additional) expenses caused by the lack of assistance.
  8. By the assignment the customer holds me harmless of all third party claims based on the violation or infringement of copyrights.
  9. Should any individual clauses among these terms and conditions or in the contract be invalid, all other clauses remain in force. Instead of the invalid clause one that is closest to its intent shall be in force.
  10. The legal relationship is regulated solely by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of performance is Goettingen. The place of jurisdiction for any disagreements is Goettingen.

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