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English-German, English-Russian, Russian-German, German-Russian

Do you need a translation of some written text into German or Russian?

I can help you with that!

and much more I can translate for you.

Note on file formats

Originals in the formats used by Microsoft Office, as well as all formats editable in LibreOffice/OpenOffice without loss, and subtitle files in .srt will be translated using the given formatting.

If your original is in .pdf or on paper or in an image file, I will use the formatting clearly visible in the original (bold, italics, larger/smaller fonts etc.), and you can get the translation in .doc, .odt, .txt (Unicode, UTF-8—without formatting in that case, naturally) or .pdf. For a higher price I can produce a .pdf with a layout at least as good as the original.

For a higher price, .html, .tex and .sla files will be translated using the given formatting.

On other file formats please ask me first.

Examples of texts translated by me

Most texts translated by me are not freely accessible. Either they underly copyright restrictions, or they are intended for a restricted group of people only. But the following texts, for example, are on the Internet: